Strategic content. Emotional resonance.


Rosalini Films, who we are...

We are an Emmy-award winning production company, having broad international experience in all film and digital formats, including giant-screen IMAX.


We shape the idea — the vision, the message — then select the artistic approach, create the images, choose the words, provide a music score and assemble all for a finished product that takes wing.



By honoring the primacy of characterization, story, meaning.  That simple. 


Then, regardless of technology or technique—or a film’s topic, locations, running time or budget—strategic content made memorable by the emotional resonance we create is what matters most.

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What we do...

We’ve conceived and produced more than 80 projects in the fields of

Public & Investor Relations

Image Advertising



Public Television 


Giant-screen Entertainment


We specialize in high-end projects; are engaged generally on a ‘design-build’ basis; and employ the most advanced image capture technologies and techniques extant.  


Though our body of work spans a wide variety of subjects, cinematic styles and settings, our films all share three things in common: they have a soul; that soul is a positive one; and each film is made with purpose — clear-cut, sharply-defined purpose.  

Where we've been...

On land, in the air, and undersea, our work has taken us throughout the United States and its territories and to more than 20 countries on five continents, including into the Amazon, East Africa, the Far East, throughout the Caribbean, across the interior of Iceland, and more.

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Where we've been seen...

Our films have been seen by diverse audiences and in a variety of formats and media, ranging from 30-second commercials to feature-length documentaries.

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In addition to nationwide syndication and broadcast on the Discovery ChannelHallmark Channel and National Public Television, our films are exhibited at special events, visitor centers, and in 5-story, giant-screen IMAX® cinemas.


Who we've worked for...

Our clients and sponsors include Fortune 500 companies in these industries: 





Commercial Real Estate


Insurance & Financial Services

Outdoor Sports & Recreation

Shipbuilding & Defense

Travel & Leisure



We’ve also worked with natural history and technology museums, nationally-acclaimed zoos and an aquarium, one of the nation’s oldest open-lands conservation organizations, a classical music festival, a ballet academy and various other charitable entities. We’ve assisted these organizations in increasing public awareness, furthering their educational and cultural missions, and raising several hundred million dollars in capital campaign funds.


Track record...

For-profit or philanthropic, most of our clients are repeat customers and we’re proud of our on-time/on-budget track record — creating value for our clients and sponsors.


Orientation & leadership

Our artistic orientation and aesthetic are consistent with those of the company’s principal, Dugan Rosalini, which are founded on his earliest on-the-job training—mentored by one of American television’s founding pioneers—and college studies devoted to Liberal Arts, Graphic and Architectural Design, and film under the discipline of Dramatic Art, associated closely with the University of Iowa’s graduate-level, creative writing program—its celebrated Writers’ Workshop.

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Rosalini’s leadership accountability rests on his Midwestern upbringing and values. (Bio here.) His film craft is optimistic, promotes what’s right in the world, and strives to capture the intrinsic romance, poetry, and even the most simple narrative form of the subject at hand.



Three Emmy® awards, a fourth Emmy® nomination, and six first-place awards from major international festivals, such as the Virgin Islands, Chicago, Houston, and American festivals.

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Invitation to the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar; special recognition from the International Wildlife Film Festival; inclusion in the American Library Association’s 'Fabulous Films for Young Adults.'

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More than 30 industry-specific honors, including a CINE Golden Eagle, Focus recognition by Women In Film⎟Chicago, two Chicago Film Council Picasso awards, three Addy's, four U.S. Gold Cameras, Screen Magazine’s ‘Director of the Year,’ and the highest film recognition awarded by the Public Relations Society of America, the Bronze Anvil



Member Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA)