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In the Caribbean amid the volcanic devastation of Monserrat's Soufriere Hills

In the Caribbean amid the volcanic devastation of Monserrat's Soufriere Hills

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On a rooftop in Chicago.



Up in its treetops



Flying down one of its streets.



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Unveiling in radically new imagery an automobile of radical design.




Working 3rd shift in Bath, Maine.



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At home and on the practice field with a pro rookie hoping to make the cut.



..."Among the sounds of only the birds and the wind and the sea."



Windsurfing Kahului Bay.



On the links in Napa Valley with a U.S. Open champion



On deck for Night Ops on the USS Eisenhower.



Getting halfway to Heaven.

Crossing the Icelandic interior.



Constructing an airplane made by hand.




Flight testing that same airplane made by hand.




Saddling up for an annual roundup on the Colorado Plateau



Commemorating General Ulysses S. Grant.



Interviewing former Navy CNO's…


…and the first American to orbit the Earth.



Working with professionals…



…young amateurs…



…and the dozens of 'Average Joe's' who'd never before appeared in film:



officers & crew



electricians, carpenters & pipefitters — shipbuilders



a modern-day 'Rosie the Riveter'



airplane builders



zookeepers, veterinarians & curators




 Olympic athletes.

The beat cop across the street.



volunteers & visitors of all ages









…students & their teachers…



…parents & their children…



…and the kid next door.














Advancing habitat conservation for some of the world's most exotic wildlife








Depicting a son's 15,000-mile search for the spirit of his long-past father,…

…homesick in the memory of his family's loving sendoff.



Sharing a letter sent home by a mariner who would perish at sea.



Sharing the pride of accomplishment on opening night.



And most of all, our favorite: making the invisible visible.



From the boardroom to a biplane, from the hard facts to a soft heart,

 we're eager to take you wherever you need to go 

— bringing your story to the audience you seek.



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Posing the questions of ethics in the genetic engineering debate

Advocating a strong Navy and $23 billion in new ship construction

Rallying a sales force of 20,000

Examining the nation's need for a comprehensive maritime policy

Witnessing the whimsical exploits of an intergalactic space traveler

Recording the work routine of merchant mariners only days before they perished at sea

Shooting the rapids of Utah's Green River

Welcoming visitors to the New York City/Tri-state region and the medium of IMAXDOME®

Filming on-court a full-court press

Documenting the construction and first flight of an airplane made by hand

Saddling up for an annual cattle roundup on the Colorado Plateau

Aboard a barge on the Ohio River

Around the campfire at river's edge in a canyon 2,000 feet deep

Trailing a migrating elephant herd under a Serengeti twilight sky

Clinging to a crumbling earthen levee in the midst of the Mississippi's 100-year flood

Cruising under the stars of the Southern Hemisphere in an outrigger canoe

Conveying the plight of a welder's wife

Promoting a $125-million capital campaign to rebuild America's most visited zoo

Making the final 'pitch' that would preserve a major military installation 

Slogging over Mount Waialeale, the wettest place on Earth

Capturing the finishing touches in the restoration of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

Marketing in eight days $650-million in real-estate limited partnerships

Joining the vast wheat harvest of Alberta, Canada

Bobsledding with the U.S. Winter Olympics team

Filming center-stage the original Nutcracker ballet

Interviewing senators, corporate CEO's, and the 'Average Joe'


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